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Chimes Greenhills

Chimes Greenhills: Affluence within your means

In feng shui, wind chimes are known to symbolize prosperity and good fortune. These “magic bells” are said to draw in good health and positive energy. Its soothing tones echo the music of the breeze and bring a relaxed, meditative feeling to any environment; creating a place of peace and balance.

Just like its name sake, Chimes Greenhills embodies anything and everything there is about this symbol of fortuity. Located at the heart of the mythical dragon of the metropolis, this mixed-use residential condominium development is just a breath away from several lifestyle destinations, exclusive schools, major business districts, and hospitals.

This 40-storey development has 24 floors dedicated to the residential area, 5 floors for the hotel component a Summit Hotel, commercial spaces as well as parking.

Families and friends will truly enjoy all the amenities at the 10th floor. There’s a play pod and private theater as well as a fitness gym, leisure pool and kiddie pool for fun and pleasure.

Plus, there’s “Ring Rob.” Residents get to enjoy the Ring Rob Concierge service, an extensive online request platform offering a wide array of services including, housekeeping, laundry, car wash, repairs and yes, even food delivery.

Developed under the Robinsons Communities brand, the country’s leading developer Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) assures buyers there will be a maximum of 18 units in the low zone (floors 17 to 33) where the studio and 1-bedroom unit are located. The high zone (floors 34 to 39) with the 2-bedroom units will have 10 units in every floor.

Each unit is meticulously fitted-out, quality in mind—with laminated flooring and closets for the bedroom, granite countertop, range hoods and overhead cabinets for the kitchen; and ceramic tiles and shower enclosures for the bathrooms. Safety and security provisions are carefully designed. The edifice stands on tuff (adobe), an ideal location for buildings.

If you think all these features and prerequisites come with a steep price, think again. The Chimes Greenhills offers affordable affluence in Annapolis—a prized possession for any investor or home buyer.


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