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RLC Tops 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, A First for the Philippines

Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC), a leading property developer, is one of only two Philippine companies included in the 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI). It is also the first time that Filipino companies were recognized in the reference index that started in 2016.

Gender equality has been a long-standing issue in the workplace. But in the past few years, more and more companies are shaping up and creating work environments that are conducive to all employees regardless of gender. And various industries are becoming more welcoming, especially to women.

Robinsons Land Corporation was included in this year’s index for scoring at or above global threshold established by Bloomberg to reflect high level of disclosure and over-all performance across the frameworks’ five pillars: Female Leadership and Talent Pipeline; Equal pay and Gender Pay Parity; Inclusive Culture; Sexual Harassment Polices; and Pro-Women Brand.

RLC, in particular, scored high in equal representation in the workplace. The company’s ratio of men to women in leadership positions is 50:50, while seven in 11 employees are women. The overall GEI average in this category is 48.06 percent.

Since it started four years ago, Bloomberg’s GEI has become a gold seal for companies around the world to publicly demonstrate commitment to gender equality and gender-equal workplaces.  A select number of companies across 42 countries and regions is recognized by Bloomberg as a leader in inclusion initiatives. By being part of GEI, RLC is recognized among top companies around the globe employing best-in-class policies and benefits to support gender equality. The Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) is the world’s only comprehensive investment-quality data source on gender equality.

This year, two Philippine publicly listed companies reached the threshold along with 323 other organizations worldwide across 11 business sectors. This puts RLC in the top five percent of the 6,000 shortlisted global companies. In comparison, only 230 businesses made it to the 2019 GEI report.

RLC is one of the country’s top real estate developers. The Company built and operates several malls, commercial centers, residential properties, office buildings, hotels, and township developments all over the Philippines.

In the Real Estate sector, which RLC is included, only 17 companies are in the 2020 GEI. The Financials sector has the most number of eligible firms with 117. The other sectors are: Communications (25 firms), Consumer Discretionary (22), Consumer Staples (19), Energy (12), Health Care (16), Industrials (16), Materials (20), Technology (37), and Utilities (24).

Being included in the 2020 Bloomberg GEI, this places Robinsons Land Corporation alongside some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world with a combined market capitalization of USD 12trillion. Some of the firms that made it into last year’s list include: Unilever, Procter & Gamble, Visa, Nestle, L’Oreal, Lenovo, JPMorgan & Chase, ING, Ford Motor Company, Adidas, and The Coca-Cola Company. 

Bloomberg’s GEI is proving that more companies are investing in a more equal future taking the necessary steps toward equal representation and parity. All of the GEI included companies have shown that they are closing the gap and promoting a culture of inclusivity driving firms’ commitment to building gender-equal communities and workplaces.

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