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Robinsons Malls’ Locally Sourced is back and made even more convenient for shoppers!

It’s back at Robinsons Malls!

After a brief hiatus, Locally Sourced, a homegrown trade fair organized by Robinsons Malls and the Department of Agriculture, is back in several Robinsons Malls till May 30, 2021 – and time it’s on wheels!

Fresh produce from our hardworking farmers will now be sold “on wheels” allowing the caravan to hop from one Robinsons Malls to other starting with Robinsons Galleria on May 25 to 26, Robinsons Place Manila May 27-28, and in Forum Robinsons on May 29-30.

Shoppers will delight in the fresh array of produce-vegetables, fruits, seafood, and so much more sold at pocket-friendly prices.

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