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Robinsons Malls Robbie & Rosie takes Convenience Shopping to the Next Level!

“Thank you to Rosie for being so thorough and for sending all the prices and the expiry dates for the different products,” said Brittany, a satisfied customer who had her shopping done at Robinsons Magnolia.

“Transaction was so fast! Robbie found my item immediately. Payment and delivery went smooth! I’m thrilled with this experience,” said Edrienne, who had her shopping done at Robinsons Galleria.

Andrea, who opted for the service at Robinsons Place Manila, was also impressed. “Great service, huge help…(Rosie) was very prompt and professional, and communicated well.”

Thanks to a growing tribe of delighted customers, there’s a rising buzz for Robbie & Rosie, the new personalized shopping service available at select Robinsons Malls.

Taking customer convenience and care to the next level, Robbie & Rosie can now be booked for personal shopping services at three Robinsons Malls: Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Magnolia, and Robinsons Place Manila. Spending a few minutes texting or chatting with the friendly and polite personal shoppers can free you up to enjoy more of your precious time as you please, as Robbie & Rosie are here to do all your shopping for you. The Robbie & Rosie personalized shopping service is perfect for professionals, busy young moms, or anyone who might enjoy the finer things in life but doesn’t have spare time to drop by the mall.  

A great thing about Robbie & Rosie is that you can choose almost anything from the Virtual Mall Directory —whether its food, essentials, fashion merchandise, toys and gadgets, tools and hardware, beauty products, and more— and you’ll only pay one delivery charge. This is unlike when you shop at various online merchants or platforms, where you will most likely shoulder a delivery fee for each item. And since you are dealing with real people, Robbie & Rosie may even provide timely shopping suggestions not originally on your list, such as pointing out shopping discounts, bundled product promos, or limited-time offers, for example.

Robbie & Rosie can also get your items gift-wrapped if you choose, and they may even turn on their cameras when shopping, so you can see the actual condition or the prices of the items on your list. If you’re not completely satisfied with the condition or size of the item when it arrives, rest assured that you can have it replaced provided you have the original receipt subject to the Return and Exchange policy of the store.

So how does it work? It’s effortless. Just send a message to Robbie & Rosie at the mall of your choice – Robinsons Magnolia (0921-4992958), Robinsons Galleria (0968-294-9444), or Robinsons Place Manila (0919-4305887) – and they’ll send you a link to a Virtual Mall Directory from where you can select the items to put on your shopping list. You’ll also be asked your preferred mode of communication. Viber is an excellent option as you can quickly exchange messages, photos or even do a video shopping call if needed. As soon as you’re done with your list, Robbie & Rosie will summarize the order to ensure everything is accurate and complete.

Once confirmed, you’ll receive a QR code and instructions on how to pay via various e-wallets such as GCash, PayMaya, WeChat Pay, PayPal, or other contactless payment options. The final easy step is to pick up your order at the designated stations at the mall, or have it delivered by your preferred courier straight to your doorstep. Customers may book the couriers themselves, but Robbie & Rosie will gladly arrange the booking if requested and even take a photo of the items being loaded by the courier to show their customers that the order is on the way!

If you’re interested in trying the service, Robinsons Malls will offer its Robbie & Rosie Epic Summer Promo from March 26 to 31, 2021, giving you the chance to see how it all works and with no delivery charge to boot if you’re within a 3-km. Radius from your selected mall. Not in the city, but want to try it anyway? No problem, as you can book Robbie & Rosie from anywhere in The Philippines and have your items delivered to a friend or loved one in Metro Manila.

To give a better idea of the class, convenience, and care that only Robbie & Rosie can provide, Robinsons Malls recently launched a fun yet informative video directed by Thou Reyes starring Robinsons Malls brand ambassador Maja Salvador as the personal shopper Rosie.

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