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Robinsons Malls Roll Out Bike Parking and Repair Station Nationwide

Robinsons Malls has unveiled another exciting benefit for its customers – and definitely another first in the country – the nationwide rollout of Robinsons Malls’ Bike Parking and Repair Station.  Everyone can access this new amenity in all Robinsons Malls. What makes it even more special? It’s for free! 

With the effort to provide a secure and convenient space for cyclist and bike commuters around the country, Robinsons Malls has setup this essential amenity for bikers.  Each Bike Parking is well lighted, and can accommodate more than 60 bicycles.  An important feature is a Repair Station furnished with tools such as screwdrivers, open wrenches, multi-function folding knife, t-socket head screw wrench, tire levers, allen wrench set and a manual air pump to ensure that every customer’s journey is safe. What’s more, Robinsons Malls’ Bike Parking and Repair Stations are easy to spot as these are whimsically designed and strategically located inside the mall’s parking area, some near the mall entrances and public road access. 

Robinsons Malls live up to their dedication to improve and create unique customer lifestyle experiences. With this, succeeding Robinsons Malls will have the Bike Parking and Repair Station amenities, including the soon-to-open Robinsons Place La Union.  

Ride safe and head on to the nearest Robinsons Mall! Better yet, get inspired, and even join a bike club- who knows? You and your fellow bikers might be up for a Robinsons Malls Bike Challenge – watch this:

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