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Robinsons Place Antique Transforms into a World-Class Entertainment Hub

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After only two years since its landmark opening, Robinsons Place Antique, the most-loved mall that shifted the rugged Panay landscape into one that houses the wonders of modern life and style, is set to unveil a gleaming new wing that brings the world’s finest cinema experience in the celebrated community hub. Adding an expansive 18,000 square meters to its existing mall area, Robinsons Place Antique is set to unveil a bolder, bigger malling experience for the Antiquenos, with four state-of-the-art Robinsons Movieworld cinemas as crowning glory.

Set to open in time for the influx of the most-awaited Hollywood summer blockbusters and local releases, the new Robinsons Movieworld Antique will unveil a total of 982 cinema seats by June 22nd, found at the third floor of the mall’s expansion wing. The four new cinemas will feature Dolby Digital 7.1 surround sound (with one with 3D technology) and digital projectors, bringing in the latest, most top of the line cinema experiences in the Panay Island.

Each cinemas are designed to ensure the utmost comfort of viewers, with plush cushioned seats, cup and snack holders, and dedicated elevator access and seating for PWDs and senior citizen cinema-goers. Robinsons Movieworld Antique pulled out all the stops to ensure that the box-office experience extends to the cinema lobbies as well, with decorative tiled floors, well-designed restrooms, dramatic, transitional lighting, dynamic movie billboards, and a dedicated ticket booth. A new Food Gallery, set to house a fine selection of innovative food players, would also be found a stone’s throw away, ensuring moviegoers a supreme snacking experience to complement their choice movies.

Enhancing the movie-watching convenience for the Antiquenos further, in addition to paying in cash or credit at its ticket booth, Robinsons Movieworld also makes it possible to reserve and purchase tickets through the Robinsons Movieworld website, @RobMovieworld in Facebook, the Robinsons Malls mobile app, app and website, and the GMovies app. This would come in handy when cutting through the long cues that would lead to Robinsons Place Antique’s future lineup of blockbusters.
Marking the new Robinsons Place Antique expansion, the new Robinsons Movieworld will feature this season’s most-awaited release of Transformers-The Last Knight, with the robot-fever sweeping across the mall’s new wing, giving moviegoers and mall visitors a chance to have their selfies with the beloved Bumblebee. This type of immersive movie experience, unconfined in the walls of the cinemas, is expected to capture the hearts and imaginations of Antiquenos, and is the fail-safe formula that Robinsons Movieworld is employing in its 146 cinemas across 29 locations across the country. With new cinemas set to open in Robinsons Place Naga, Iligan, Ormoc and Tacloban, in addition to Antique’s new world-class cinemas, Robinsons Movieworld will be raising the curtains to 26 new cinemas this year.

“We are in the business of designing theatres where the story can be told and the magic begins,” explains Robinsons Movieworld general manager Bomboy Lim. With its new, cutting-edge cinemas, stylish movie houses and box-office lobby, its convenient ticket booking and snacking options, as well as its immersive, mall-wide entertainment experience, Robinsons Movieworld’s top-billing for the new Robinsons Place Antique expansion is definitely set to capture the minds and hearts of a people forever drawn to the magic of the movies.

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