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Robinsons Place Tagum: Where Retail has its Rewards

As developments in the Philippines’ ‘Land of Promise’ go full swing, Robinsons Malls builds a landmark destination which lays the foundations for inclusive growth and dynamic retail possibilities for the people of Mindanao, as marked with the timely opening of Robinsons Place Tagum.
Set in the capital city of Davao del Norte, home to over a quarter of a million residents, Tagum City is an essential part of Metropolitan Davao, where valuable agricultural crops, young, skillful employment, and large-scale industries experience unprecedented growth. Here, Robinsons Place Tagum builds on the progressive and participative stance of its residents to encourage responsible and sustainable business practices in one of the country’s most promising corners.
Respectful Design
Set in the backdrop of Tagum City’s breathing ground for residential villages, universities, medical facilities, as well as corporate and government centers, the ¬¬¬¬65, 482 square-meter, four-level commercial development rises at the center of its bustling main throughway of Barangay Magugpo, an exciting new key destination for Tagum City’s families, students, urban professionals, and entrepreneurs. A landmark of Tagum City’s revered tribe, the Manobo, figures prominently at the mall’s entrance, symbolizing how modern-day commercialism can respect the heritage and cultural identity of its chosen locality.
Highlighting the bounty of what has been touted as the country’s City of Palms, Robinsons Place Tagum is imagined with a green, thriving architecture that takes on the vertical height and the sprawling nature of the versatile palm tree, offering an endless resource for productive living and lifestyle possibilities. From its palm tree-lined paths that lead to the mall’s expanse, to the inviting façade adorned with 6-meter Supertrees that sparkle at night, much thought goes into the landscape design of the new Robinsons Place Tagum, which encourages a more environmental approach to mall-going.
With a stimulating al fresco area that greets mall-goers with a fresh, open, and inviting façade filled with lush plant pillars and a spacious layout, it leads inside an equally airy and light retail playground, where international and local brands complement homegrown businesses and services, a true, refreshing conglomeration of the outside in. Nature extends well into the interiors with lively pillars and railings lined with lush greenery.
Leading Filipino architectural firm Jonathan O. Gan and Associates designed the mall with floor-to-ceiling glass windows that invite natural sunlight, intelligent temperature control systems that maintain the comfortably cool climate sans wasteful energy consumption, the use of stone tiles that encourage the natural flow of foot traffic in the area, resort-type restrooms that offer a grand experience of comfort and luxury found in its modern fittings and tasteful decor, and a thoughtful layout where convenient entrances, elevator and escalator accesses are generously found among the soaring space. This encourages a seamless, almost organic experience of mindful malling, first seen in Robinsons Malls’ fifth development in Mindanao, where much respect for its natural environs, resources, and its people are observed within the gleaming commercial landscape.
Responsible Retailing
Reinstating its vision of enhancing the economic activity in every area it does business on, Robinsons Place Tagum upholds the values of cooperation and collaboration among its commercial tenants, by putting together a rich and diverse assortment of international, local, and homegrown brands that complement rather than compete with each other.
Understanding how the young residents of Tagum place large importance in the values of education, a milestone branch of National Bookstore will soon find its home at the Robinsons Place Tagum, alongside favored Filipino retail brands such as Bench, Penshoppe, Oxygen, For Me, and Regatta which are keen on outfitting aspirational shoppers with value-for-money and trendy apparel. The mall will also provide Tagum residents an international outlook served up by key global brands that represent high-quality and stylish selections all at accommodating price points, as seen on stores like Travel Club, Res-Toe-Run, and Grind.
Putting the Filipino family’s lifestyle and living convenience as top priority, Robinsons Place Tagum will also usher the opening of the Robinsons Malls’ landmark tenants, a line-up that always proves to be popular wherever the country’s top retailers open. With the most comprehensive and cost-efficient choices from the Robinsons Department Store, Robinsons Supermarket and South Star Drug, the best deals in domestic living from Handyman, Robinsons Appliances, and Daiso Japan, and the most exciting selections of toys and games powered by Toys ‘R Us, everything Tagum residents may desire and require is simply a few steps away.
Yet, above all, it is the Robinsons Malls’ partnership with homegrown brands and local enterprises that truly make the Robinsons Place Tagum a cut above the rest. The mall’s al fresco wining and dining area is set to feature establishments that have long been the purveyors of local taste in the area. Delectable lechon from Azon’s and organic goat meat specialties like caldereta and grilled kebabs from The Goat Kitchen are sure to sate homegrown appetites. Phenomenal Filipino food joint from Cebu, Kuya J, will also mark its first entry in the city at the Robinsons Place Tagum.
The same attention to local tastes and businesses is also found at the Robinsons Place Tagum Food Court, where two dining outlets by B’ Yaneng serves up homemade specialties by enterprising mothers of the Catholic Women’s League of Tagum City, piquing shopper’s appetites daily, should they be craving for local pangkaanan or halal cuisine. With its vast, 225-seating capacity and 9-tenant space, the food court comes equipped with detachable seating and table areas that can be converted into an events venue, as a means to show how the usual dining experiences can open up into so much more exciting options and possibilities.

As the city’s tourism returns are on an upward trajectory, Robinsons Place Tagum also opens a brick and mortar store dedicated to the city’s top souvenirs, Davao del Norte Pasalubong Center (DAVNOR). With high-quality pasalubong products and delicacies sourced at fair-trade practices, the souvenir center at Robinsons Place Tagum aims to be the ultimate stop for tourists in this growingly popular travel destination.
And finally, local community micro-enterprises will always find its place right at the heart of Robinsons Place Tagum’s central atrium, where seasonal bazaars and trade fairs are set to take place, bringing local customs, culture, tradition, and trade closer to its everyday shoppers.
With this revitalized retail formula, Robinsons Place Tagum further empowers the thriving businesses of the province, while better addressing the needs and wants of its local consumers.
Responsive Experiences
Finally, Robinsons Place Tagum tops off its revolutionary retail encounters with the most exciting experiences set to take place in a local mall of the region.
Known as the Mindanaoan City of Festivals, Tagum is also home to 15 festivals annually, where at least one festival is held every month. Robinsons Place Tagum underlines the local flair for celebrations with a partnership with Musikahan sa Tagum Foundation, Inc., an organization working closely with the Cultural Center of the Philippines that is keen on developing and maximizing the potentials of local arts and tourism in the region. Musikahan sa Tagum Foundation, Inc. will soon find its rightful home at the Robinsons Place Tagum, where monthly entertainment showcases and exhibitions are set to bring the richness of the land’s traditional culture closer to the hearts of its people.
With the same passion for progress, Robinsons Place Tagum also creates an avenue of convenience for the development of local enterprises as well as the quality of life of its residents. Soon, the mall will be home to two of Tagum City’s leading utility cooperatives, the Davao del Norte Electric Cooperative, Inc. or DANECO, a non-stock and non-profit cooperative that empowers its shareholders by providing affordable and efficient energy to homeowners and businesses, and VITRUWASCO, the leading water services provider and multi-services cooperative in Tagum City, awarded the Over-All Most Outstanding Cooperative in the City in 2015 for its mission of empowering local enterprise with dependable water services. With these, Robinsons Place Tagum aims to be the place where potentials and possibilities for local business generation and the elevation of local living standards ultimately converge.
And finally, as a way of looking forward to the future, the Robinsons Place Tagum will also house the most exciting entertainment experiences all under one roof. From a rich resource of gadgets and digital selections to exhilarating stops powered by Quantum, Bingo Bonanza, Kidzooona, Kevin’s Toy and Library, fun and excitement is sure to be in no short supply. The state-of-the-art cinemas of the Robinsons Movieworld feature warm stone counters complemented by cool blue LED lighting, a telling sign that world-class entertainment, excitement, and discovery is well on its way at the new Robinsons Place Tagum.
Like a tree planted firmly on fertile soil, Robinsons Place Tagum wills itself to grow with the city, where business, culture, and family-friendly experiences are set to thrive with unlimited possibilities. Where success can only be traced by the participation, the pride, and the potential of its people, the new Robinsons Place Tagum finds itself right at home in one of the country’s most progressive cities.

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