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Shopping at Robinsons Malls Made More Convenient With QUBE 24/7 Smart Lockers

After months of being cooped up at home, people are getting excited to go back to the malls. But since things aren’t 100% back to normal and getting out of the house is a whole production number (a.k.a. wearing masks and shields, disinfecting often, and maintaining physical distance), a great solution would be to go all out and just spend a whole day at the mall—dine out, go shopping, do your errands, have your pets groomed, have yourself pampered, and cap off the night with a few drinks. And to make your mall weekend more convenient, Robinsons Magnolia in Quezon City is now offering the QUBE 24/7 Smart Lockers where you can put your shopping bags while you shop some more. You can find it at the Ground floor of The Magnolia Residences-Tower A , just in front of the mall entrance and The Garden.

The QUBE 24/7 Smart Lockers is the Philippines’ first and only fully-functional smart locker system which they don’t just offer mailbox or dropbox service instead, they offer 360º services from laundry, parcel, PUDO (pickup-dropoff), storage, bills payments, online shopping, telemedicine and more. It’s already popular and widely used in malls and residence areas in neighboring SEA countries specifically Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Unlike conventional lockers, it’s where you can drop off your things for storage while dining, shopping, and enjoying your mall experience. It’s been a while after all, and you wouldn’t want to lug around all those shopping bags or your personal items like a laptop bag for the whole day. But aside from providing storage, you can also use it to receive parcels—like a pigeon box, where your friends or family can drop off your items in case you’re in the middle of a business lunch in one of Robinsons Magnolia’s many establishments. Another cool service provided by QUBE 24/7 Smart Lockers is the laundry drop-off and pick-up. You can head to the mall with a bag full of dirty clothes, leave it in one of the lockers, go on with your mall errands, and get your clean clothes within just five hours.

All you have to do is to scan the QR code to download the app and sign up for an account with your email, mobile number, and create your unique password and you’re good to go. Currently, the Philippine version of the service has two options: “Wash” and “Drop.” 

If you’re dropping off items for storage, you can just choose the latter, then choose Robinsons Magnolia for the location. You can choose from three parcel sizes: small (14 x 42 x 60 centimeters) at P30 per day, medium (29 x 42 x 60 centimeters) at P40 per day, and large (45 x 42 x 60 centimeters) at P50 per day. Yes, it’s that affordable! The app also lets you know how many lockers are still available per size. Once you’re done choosing your location and parcel size, you’re required to take a photo of the item you’re leaving behind. The last step is choosing how many days you need the storage space. The app then gives you a barcode, which you can scan in front of the smart locker’s barcode scanner; or a 12-quick pin code, which you can enter on the smart locker. Just wait for one of the available doors to open, then you’re done.

Picking up an item works the same way, too. Your record goes to the “Pick-up” section on the app, which gives you another quick pin and the same way you will receive an sms when you’re picking up your item. In case you want someone else to pick up your item, as in the case of dropping off gifts or parcels for other people, you can just give the quick pin.

For “Wash” service, you can choose from three options: Same-Day Pick-Up, Next-Day Pick-Up, and Deluxe Express (five-hour service). Like for “Drop,” you also get a barcode or 12-digit quick pin.

You also don’t have to worry about losing your things. The QUBE 24/7 Smart Lockers is “smart” for a reason. The lockers have their own CCTV for security and monitoring, and each door has an infrared sensing technology to confirm if an item has been dropped off or picked up. The barcode scanning technology and unique pin number are also forms of security since they’re assigned to specific users per transaction. For disinfection, lockers make UVC light. 

Shopping doesn’t have to be a hassle. And Robinsons Magnolia promises not only a safe mall experience, but also a convenient one through their newly activated QUBE 24/7 Smart Lockers.

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