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RLC Sustainability Strategy

Our company comes from humble beginnings. From our small operations in Ermita, we have now become one of the biggest and most diversified
property developers in the country. We continue to establish our presence in more communities and emerging economic hubs, growing with
you every step of the way.

ESG Statement of Purpose:

We create value by responsibly growing the company, reaching underserved markets, and reshaping communities.  Vitalized by our enablers, we lead and build our business with the commitment to a sustainable future.  We do so by contributing to the local economy, reducing our environmental impact, and championing integrity.

In our team culture, we are motivated by our strengthened connection to our customers, and our flourishing engagement with the communities along our value chain.

RLC Sustainability Reports:

Our Sustainability Strategy

 Responsible Growth
We build our business effciently to decouple business growth from environmental impact. We harness our financial strength to generate long-term value for our stakeholders, while growing our bottomline.

Reaching Underserved Markets
We seize opportunities to innovate our business to serve unmet needs. We go where we are needed.

Reshaping Communities
We help transform lives by providing secure and comfortable homes, better work environments, and spaces ideal for rest and recreation.

We make life better.