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The Pearl Place

The Pearl Place

It takes much time and effort for a pearl to form within an oyster. Layers upon layers of protective nacre ensure the strength of what appears to be a delicate gem. In fact, once it is fully formed, a pearl is considered one of earth’s hardest natural objects.
The same can be said about The Pearl Place. As the newest property of Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC), the towers were designed to provide a sturdy roof over the heads of its residents who come from all walks of life.
Whether you are a young professional just starting out, a married couple determined to enjoy wedded bliss in their own space, or a small family that want more room to rear the children, The Pearl Place has a selection of units to choose from.
Yuppies are bound to gravitate toward the 24 square meter studios, couples might spring for the 34 square meter, 1-Bedroom units, while couples with young children might prefer the 48 square meter, 2-Bedroom units. At The Pearl Place, clients can opt for bare or finished units. They can also combine two units if they need a larger space.
They don’t have to worry about connecting to the outside world as units are telephone and cable ready. There is emergency back-up power supply, provisions for water heaters in the shower, and individual meters for water and electricity. Once completed, selected units at Tower B can be outfitted with washing machines.

At The Pearl Place, public and private areas are clearly and cleverly delineated. The lower floors that make up the retail strip and main lobby, and the residential levels on the upper floors are separated by the parking and amenities levels.
Residential floors with studios and 1-Bedroom units will have a maximum of 22 units per floor while those with 2-Bedroom units will have a maximum of 12 units per floor. Depending on their unit, residents will have views of either the glittering central business district of Makati in the west or the rustic hills of Antipolo in the east.
Entry to the upper floors is limited by different security measures that only residents have access to while the parking and amenities level is accessible only to residents and their guests.
The amenities are all located on one level so that residents have easy access to them. There are spaces for different activities like swimming, dancing and aerobics, exercise, parties or playing. At the amenities level, residents can lounge under the shade or enjoy the gardens and open spaces.
Like an oyster protecting its precious haul, The Pearl Place is also determined to protect its residents. In fact, unit owners stand to benefit if they get their own parking space. Aside from not wasting time looking for a parking space in the highly commercialized city, they don’t have to worry about theft as their vehicle is in a secured parking space.

The Pearl Place has a simple, clean and uncluttered look. Apart from being cost efficient, this modern minimalist style is timeless and easy to maintain.
The towers rise from a low podium for contrasting heights. The facade sports a play of colors with the podium painted a dark gray with light gray and white accents. This complements the blue, light gray and white strips of the tower.
The retail strip at the ground level was designed for the residents’ convenience. The main lobby boasts a high ceiling, which is the first thing one will notice upon entering The Pearl Place. Despite the grand and magnificent entry, the lobby’s earth toned interiors give a welcoming and homey vibe.
Pretty much like a strand of pearls–elegant and classy but also warm and approachable.


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