The upcoming Spartan Philippines: North ASEAN Series 2024 finds its home at Montclair Destination Estate in Porac, Pampanga. This sprawling development, clocking in as Robinsons Land Corporation's largest at 233 hectares, prioritizes environmental sustainability. Montclair integrates green spaces throughout its urban planning, fostering a cooler, more biodiverse, and ultimately more resilient community. 


It’s the perfect terrain for the much-awaited Spartan Philippines event, which happens from May 11 to 12 at the prime location. It’s not just any other Spartan race, too. The North ASEAN Series is making stops in Vietnam and Thailand, with the starting leg in Pampanga, where athletes and fitness enthusiasts from across the region can secure a spot in the broader Asia Pacific Championship circuit. 

Spartan Philippines: North ASEAN Series 2024 features three challenging categories: the Sprint 5K, the Super 10K, and the Spartan Trail 10K. Each category is designed to push competitors to their limits while offering a unique blend of physical challenges and scenic beauty across the terrain in Porac. 

The Sprint, known for its 20 obstacles over a 5K distance, is perfect for those new to the Spartan experience or looking to improve their obstacle course racing skills. The relatively easy trail features the classics: wall climbs, overhead wires, monkey bars, and more. It combines speed with obstacle management, making it a thrilling competition for both beginning racers and returning Spartans.  

For those seeking a more demanding challenge, the Super 10K presents 25 obstacles over a 10-kilometer course. This race combines trail running with rigorous obstacle navigation, creating a demanding environment that tests even seasoned athletes. The Super's obstacles are known for their increased difficulty, requiring not just physical strength and endurance but also strategic pacing and mental toughness. This category is specific to the North ASEAN Series Leg 1 (Montclair). 

The Spartan Trail, a 10K race without the traditional Spartan obstacles, focuses purely on trail running. This race attracts both experienced trail runners and those looking to start their journey in trail running. It promises an engaging route through Montclair's varied landscapes, characterized by its flat but challenging terrain due to the dry, sandy conditions typical of Pampanga. 

Montclair Destination Estate is just a five-minute drive from Clark Freeport Zone, offering convenient access for participants already in the area. For those traveling from afar, they can simply take the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) which will take less than an hour and a half to reach the event site from the Balintawak interchange. Simply follow the NLEX, exit at the Clark Spur Road, and then take the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX) Exit towards Subic. Keep an eye out for the Montclair Interchange on your way and exit there to reach the event area at Montclair Destination Estate. 

Like every Spartan Race, Spartan Philippines: North ASEAN Series 2024 in Montclair is expected to bring in runners from different backgrounds. The event is strategically planned to ensure smooth access and a great experience for all attendees. 

Competitors are reminded to prepare for the high temperatures and intense sunlight that are characteristic of Pampanga during May. Proper hydration, sunscreen, and training for heat acclimatization are crucial for maintaining performance and safety during the races. 

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