Succession Planning and Remuneration Policy
The Company shall ensure its continued effective performance and sustained growth through leadership continuity for the benefit of all its stakeholders.
Succession Planning and Remuneration Policy

Directors, Officers, Stockholders and Related Interests (DOSRI)
The dealings of the Company with any of its Directors, Officers, Stockholders and Related Interests (DOSRI) and Related Parties shall be in the regular course of business. Kindly see attachment:
Directors, Officers, Stockholders and Related Interests (DOSRI)

Board Nomination and Election Policy
The Board recognizes the importance of having a qualified and competent Board to achieve Company objectives as well as to protect the interest of all its stakeholders and shall ensure that proper nomination and election process is in place to attain this.
Board Nomination and Election Policy
BNEP Appendix 1 SEC Circulars
BNEP Exhibit 1 Director Nomination Form
BNEP Exhibit 2 Conforme to Nomination Form
BNEP Exhibit 3 Certification of Eligibility and conflict of Interest Statement

Whistle Blowing
The Company is committed to conduct business according to the highest ethical and legal standards. In line with this commitment, we encourage employees and business partners to raise concerns about any aspect of the business partners to raise concerns abo
Whistleblowing Policy
Appendix 1 Responsibilities
Appendix 2 Reporting Channels Contact Details
Exhibit 1 Complaint Disclosure Form

Conflict of Interest
The Company’s Code of Business Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy require employees to make a conscious effort to avoid conflict of interest situations; that his judgment and discretion is not influenced by considerations of personal gain or benefit
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Material Related Party Transactions Policy
The Company shall conduct all Material Related Party Transactions (MRPT) on an arm’s length basis, on fair and reasonable terms and conditions no less favorable than any such terms available to unrelated third parties under the same or similar circumstanc
Material Related Party Transactions Policy

Insider Trading Policy
Violation of any provision of the Code of Business Conduct may result to disciplinary action, including dismissal and reimbursement for any loss to the Company that results from the employee’s action. If appropriate, a violation may result in legal action
Insider Trading Policy
Policy on Insider Trading Appendix 1 SRC Code
RLC SEC CERT Change in Blackout Period

Board Assessment
Members of the Board conduct collective and individual annual assessment of the Board performance through a Board Assessment Review initiated by the Corporate Governance Committee. Results of the Board and Committee Assessments are presented to the Board
Related Party Transactions Committee Self-Assessment Form
Corporate Governance Committee Self-Assessment Form
Board Risk Oversight Self-Assessment Form
Board of Directors Self-Assessment Form
Audit Committee Self-Assessment Form
Certificate of 3rd Party Board Evaluation
Board Self-Assessment Criteria

Board Diversity Policy
The Board Diversity Policy (“the Policy”) establishes the approach to realizing the diversity of Board members on an ongoing basis.
The Board Diversity Policy

The Company is committed to undertake all reasonable steps to ensure the health, safety and welfare for the best interest of our stakeholders and the communities where we live and work by complying with the provisions of law, industry rules and regulation
Stakeholders Health, Safety and Welfare

The Company abides by safety, health, and welfare standards and policies set by the Department of Labor and Employment. Likewise, the Company has Security and Safety Manuals that are implemented and regularly reviewed to ensure the security, safety, healt
Company Trainings and Development Programs for Employees

The Company upholds creditors’ right by honoring contracted obligations and providing information required under the Revised Disclosure Rules and the Securities Regulation Code, if applicable, audited financial statements prepared compliant with applicabl
Protection of Creditors’ Rights Policy