tree of life
Robinsoin Naga's Tree of Life reopens now brighter with 26,000 lumens.
Robinsons Naga’s Tree of Life—the country’s first permanent 3D mapping installation in a mall reopens to the public.

The world-class installation was first unveiled in 2018, making history as the first digital installation by Jefre in the country and the first permanent installation featuring 3D projection mapping in any mall.

Filipino-American artist Jefre Figueras Manuel, known for his large-scale artworks, designed the 15-meter fiberglass sculpture. Jefre is also the artist behind The Victor, the Philippines’ tallest multimedia sculpture, located at Robinsons Land’s Bridgetowne.

Inspired by Bicol’s beloved gabi (taro) leaf, used in everyday cooking in the region, Jefre created the Tree of Life. “I was looking at the landscape in Naga and I saw that the taro leaf was a staple to the community,” he said.

The Tree of Life reopened to the public on May 6, 2024. Now shining brighter at 26,000 lumens, the two-story sculpture wows viewers with its transformative projections. Shoppers can immerse themselves in a diverse array of visual spectacles, from spinning planets and galaxies to enchanting fairytale landscapes, promising to ignite the imagination. 3D mapping shows happen daily from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

“It’s almost like a symbol of what the city of Naga is all about in terms of the morals and values,” Jefre said. “The central story is really about this idea of the root that we plant in the community.”

tree of life
A MUST-VISIT IN NAGA. Robinsons Naga’s Tree of Life serves as a source of pride in the Bicol region, a landmark for locals and a tourist attraction for those just visiting.

The sculpture is now a source of pride in the Bicol region, a landmark for locals and a tourist attraction for those just visiting.

The Central Garden, with the Tree of Life as its focal point, is perfect for bonding with friends and family. It features a variety of restaurants, including national favorites and local establishments.

“The idea that public art is more than an object but a place and creates meaning in people’s lives is what makes this a very successful project,” Jefre said.

ART MEETS THE MALL. The 15-meter fiberglass sculpture paints the backdrop of a perfect venue to shop, play and dine while enjoying a 3D art mapping show.

The Tree of Life is just one of several public art installations people have enjoyed at Robinsons Malls. Mall-goers have previously seen Jefre’s “Heaven’s Gate” at Robinsons Galleria South in Laguna and Erwin Wurm’s “Austrian Mountain Cap” at Robinsons Galleria Ortigas.