The global fashion landscape is rapidly evolving and the phenomenon is reaching the Philippine retail scene in no time! Robinsons Manila welcomes the first concept store of HLA – the newest craze in international men’s fast fashion – in the country. A well-dressed man is sure to catch anyone’s attention and HLA takes pride in making men not only look great but also feel good about themselves.

HLA offers high-quality and well-designed men’s apparel and accessories at reasonable prices so men can stay in style, no matter the season.

With over 6,000 stores spanning the globe, HLA enters the Filipino fast fashion scene with a lot of excitement, amplified by the choice of Robinsons Manila for its pilot store. HLA is not just about clothes; it’s a statement, a lifestyle. The brand embodies three core principles: High-quality clothes, Live symbolizing youth and vitality and Affordable prices. The fusion of these values forms the foundation of a brand committed to weaving global fashion trends into meticulously crafted garments for the modern man.

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HLA is your new go-to destination for menswear essentials for all occasions

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HLA carries an extensive selection from everyday clothing, formal wear, accessories and more

Tailored to suit the tastes of the modern yet practical man, HLA’s product suite leaves no fashion desire unfulfilled. From timeless staples for daily wear to suave corporate ensembles and from sharp formal attire to the finest selection of socks and shoes, HLA promises a wide array of choices for every facet of a man’s life.

Welcome the future of men’s fashion at Level 1 Midtown, Robinsons Manila, where HLA has found its first and new home.