ARTablado Kanigoan

One of the functions of great art is to fill a certain void—whatever gaping emptiness or yawning abyss it is. And there is a Bicolano word that means exactly that: Kanigoan (translation: fill the void).   


This is the central idea for a group show presented by Robinsons Land ARTablado from Oct. 16 to 31 at Robinsons Galleria, which features around 80 artworks by the members of the Bicol-based Kintab Artists Group. Robinsons Land ARTablado, which has been hosting Kintab exhibitions at Robinsons Naga, invited the group members to present their latest works at Level 3 of Robinsons Galleria. And the resulting artworks revolve around the concept of “Kanigoan”—to satisfy what is lacking whether it be physical, emotional or conceptual.


According to the artist statement by Vladimir Grutas: “Art is a space-eater in its physical form, but it also fills gaps in people’s lives. Its resonance transcends the physical. It touches on the inner workings of well-known emotions, bridges cultures, and disrupts norms and the status quo.” That’s how the void is filled philosophically, but Kintab Artists Group is also doing its share in making its presence felt in the art scene. Its active participation in propagating Bicolano talent is to fill in for what is lacking in terms of support, education and space for the talented artists from the region.


The Kintab Artists Group Inc. (KAGI) was formed in 2013 in the small town of Pili, Camarines Sur. The goal is for the artist-members to express their individuality and, at the same time, promote Bicol arts and culture as well as local history.


“In this exhibition, the artists wish to (fill) the spaces of the hall with works that stage the spirit and diversity of Bicolano art itself,” continues Grutas. “We are cups that are expanding, we are beasts that are always hungry. This exhibition may not fill what these Bicolano artists hope for, but it will certainly address questions of identity and place in the art world.”


“Kanigoan” showcases the works of Albert Serrano, Aldrin Amaro, Bob Maltizo, Claireyenne Malanyaon, Cris Fragata-Gomez, Dennis Concepcion, Edgar Baesa, Elden Lumaniog, Gladys Borromeo, Harold Gomez, Jaime Coralde III, Jojit Begino, Jurrel Magistrado, Lea Gan, Lorenzo Miguel Credo, Mac Allison Calleja, Marivi Abas Encinas, Mary Rold Gomez, Mia France Dorosan, Michael Florano Sales, Nick Valenzuela, Noe Garcia, Ray Ubaldo, Renalyn Borebor, Reymel Gonzaga and Richard Cruz.


Established in 2020, Robinsons Land ARTablado, a portmanteau of “art” and “entablado” is Robinsons Land’s very own stage in showcasing the Filipino ingenuity and creativity. This platform allows emerging artists to freely express themselves through art and paves the way to greater recognition of their talent and hard work.